As beloved as it may be in this country, you might be a bit surprised by how scarce Polo Ralph Lauren UK, if you’re after the real thing. Sure enough, you’re bound to be aware of just how rife the cases of Ralph Lauren products being counterfeited is (as you probably can’t leave your house without bumping into someone who’s wearing a fake version of a Polo design), so you’ll probably be wondering just where you can actually get your fix for the much-loved brand. There’s no need to worry if you think that you’re going to have to prepare to gear some gear shipped from over in the US, as you can actually turn to quite a few retailers in the UK who are well known for doing just this, and keep the prices pretty reasonable too. Are you ready to find out where all the goods are hiding at? Just look below and we’ll fill you in on all of the details.

  1. Harvey Nichols. A reliable choice and one that is always good with any designer clothing, you’ll know that you’re going to be able to get your hands on lots of the latest things from the brand if you turn your attention to Harvey Nicks. Have a look around their shops in a Sheffield Limousine if you need to be convinced any further, but they always seem to be ahead of the curve with these kinds of things.
  2. House of Fraser. Another well known name, in terms of being able to get in there with high end fashion a bit earlier than other would tend to, see whether they’ve got some products that others haven’t yet got in stock.
  3. Amazon. You would surely think less of these guys if they didn’t have at least a couple of Polo Ralph Lauren UK items floating about, so they’ve made sure that they’re keeping up with demand and have a handful of the top products on their latest line. You could view this as a bit of a last resort, in regard to your choices. Of course, we’ve already told you the other places that you could turn to first, but this lot will have your back covered if you need a quick fix solution.

Fashion and Fitness – Getting the Balance Right


Of course, if your chosen fitness activity requires any safety equipment to be worn, such as road cycling, you must always check out a Sheffield garage conversion. However, the look of safety gear has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years so you may well be pleasantly surprised by some of the fashion statements you can now make in this area!

Grey – The Colour for this Year?


Every year there is always a new colour that is proclaimed to be the year’s most ‘in’ colour. From yellow to black, almost every colour has had its year of glory and promotion. 2013 looks to be shaping up to be the year of grey, and it’s easy to see why: grey can be worn as a colour by all ages, and can be worn in a variety of ways and can compliment a variety of skin tones.

Although it is often seen as a potentially tricky colour to wear, much alike its much brighter cousin yellow, grey can be a very flattering colour if worn in the correct way. As a rule of thumb, matching grey or nude shoes with a grey top or jacket is a good way to wear the colour, as it helps to elongate your legs and give some structure to the top half of your body. Equally, you could opt to wear darker shades on top and wear grey shoes on your feet to really make make your outfit cleaner with Sheffield Cleaning Company, or work the equally fashionable monochrome look by pairing some black trousers with a grey top or blouse.

For those that wish to really embrace the grey trend this 2013, you could always choose to wear an almost exclusively grey coloured outfit – by pairing long grey trousers with a white pair of shoes, a white blouse, and a dark grey jacket you’ll be sure to stand out at work and make a statement. Ultimately, the beauty of this colour is that it will go with almost any shade that it is worn with, making anything grey a great versatile accompaniment to your wardrobe! So really, there’s no excuse not to join in on this year’s grey trend, as it’s so easy to wear and dress up or down.

What’s to Come for Men’s Fashion in 2013


Depending on just how concerned you are about keeping your wardrobe up to date will determine how likely it is that you’ll pay attention to the following advice. Although lots of people claim not to keep up with fashion, a lot of the stylistic choices will be based on subconsciously taking in what’s popular around them. It means that you might not quite know it yet, but you may be due to be in for a few surprises in 2013, as we prepare for a new wave of garments to head our way. If you are the type who likes to keep on top of these things and you’re hopeful of what’s on the way, you’ll be excited to hear that the industry heads would like to give this year an identity that it can be proud of.

One of the main things which will distinguish men’s fashion this year to what was going on in 2012 is the fact that fitted jeans are going a step further once more. You’ll be aware that chinos became must-have towards the latter end of 2011 and continued to dominate the field again over the past 12 months. However, that was just to break things in. We’ve swung back a little earlier than expected as skinny jeans have returned and are doing so in a big way, especially when working on roof repairs in Sheffield or on tree removal in Sheffield.

Aside from that, it’s worth noting that a return to early ‘80s fashion is being noted and it’s doing great things to make up for the catastrophic attempts at doing so just a couple of years earlier. Rather than going for the over-the-top and exaggerated way of leaning back to retro days, they’ve instead tried to blend it in a lot tighter and it appears to be paying off in this instance. From casual to more formal attire, you can expect to see more nods back to the past with plentiful colour and a willingness to go overboard with the sharp lines, but without losing the ideas at the core of the style.